Gelato: We Scream Ice Cream

As many people know this delectable dessert originated from Italy, the home country of pasta and pizza! Italian ice scream somehow presents as more cosmopolitan than regular ice cream. Additionally, it would surprise you what defines the great flavour of Italian ice cream we all know and love, and it’s not what you think it is: it’s air!

Air is the invisible ingredient in ice cream. And as such, it’s often overlooked. But it’s hugely important… The main role of air is to make ice cream soft. And without it our ice cream would be a solid block, more like a lolly or popsicle. Certainly nothing we’d call ice cream. But air also affects the sensory properties of ice cream. Ice creams that contain lot’s of air seem lighter and fluffier. While ice creams that contain less air seem thicker, denser and even creamier.

One Genuine Meter of Ice Cream at Alberto’s Gelateria

Did you know? There is even a gelato World Cup! The Coppa del Mondo Della Gelateria featuring categories such as; best gelato cake, best innovative flavour, best ice sculpture and even one for tidiness and cleanliness! Taking place every two years including competitors from several countries worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Italy won!

Incredibly your geletai (yes that’s the word for the server of gelato, which I’m sure you’ll agree sounds way cooler than ‘ice cream man’) could possibly serve you Viagra flavoured gelato. Which apparently doesn’t contain the drug itself but instead contains aphrodisiac herbs… Viagra gelato anyone? That’ll get a rise out of someone…

Ice Cream Steak with Eggs and French Fries at Alberto’s Gelateria

Patrizia, the owner of Alberto’s Gelateria tells me, “It’s actually really difficult to assign a paternity to gelato, yes the Italians made, spread it around and enhanced it, but the original source is tricky to be sure.” If you haven’t paid a visit to Albertos, you really are missing out, their extensive menu will leave it impossible for you to make up your mind! They even cater for certain dietary requirements with sorbets and a chocolate ‘ice cream’ that’s dairy-free, made with rice milk. With regular additions to the menu and a new flavour each week, including a selection of novelty ice creams such as dishes designed to look like spaghetti, or steak and chips! These fun and novelty items were an added extra especially for the children. Patrizia’s personal favourite flavour is lemon and regaliz, liquorice, she says it’s a unique blend of flavours but it works really well!

Head down to Alberto’s and see what all the fuss is about!

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