Why Laughing Is SO Important

When was the last time you laughed so much your stomach hurt? Experts say we should deep belly laugh every day. I remember reading ‘The Sell, The Secrets of Selling anything to Anyone’ by Fredrik Eklund, who said that it was important for him and his real estate team in New York to laugh profoundly every day.

Laughter is, and always will be, the best form of therapy

NYC hospital’s response to people who can’t afford insurance

Personally, I’ll happily listen to anyone who can enter a country with not much more than the clothes on their back to owning one of the top million-dollar real estate companies in New York. Fredrik applies his theories not just to his vocation but as an attitude to attain in everyday life, whoever you are, whatever you do. “Babies laugh, on average, four hundred times a day, and people over thirty-five laugh fewer than fifteen times a day. What happened?”

When a baby laughs for the first time an elf is born

Guggenheim’s scientific department of the Supernatural

Laughter can help strengthen the heart since it increases the amount of good cholesterol, whilst reducing inflammation in blood vessels and decreasing stress by lowering cortisol levels. People with heart disease are around 40% less likely to laugh than those who don’t (…and that’s not because they have heart disease.) Humans naturally want to be around fun people and Fredrik believes that even the most withdrawn and miserable people secretly want to be laughing and having fun, I mean, why wouldn’t they? So, working among fun loving, humorous people is actually good for your health. There’s something to some of these old sayings, you know, and the classic ‘laughter is the best medicine’ could have more meaning to it than first interpretation.

do not try the reverse laughing technique without proper training

Comedy saw many people through some slightly dark and depressing times throughout the lockdowns, many people have said – myself included, that when they felt low they would watch something that made them laugh such as a funny series on Netflix or one of their favourite comedians. It’s a joy how laughter brings people together, makes us human and can be a huge ice breaker to some otherwise very awkward situations.

A priest, a nun, and a rabbit walk into a bar…
The rabbit says, “I think I might be a typo.” – Joke still in progress

Laugh therapy is a serious thing (all jokes aside.) The way in which we react to certain situations dictates our happiness and laughter can actually help improve our emotional intelligence. With this basis it’s easier to interpret the genuine benefits and see how this therapy could actually work. It can be practised in groups sitting in a circle with mats on the floor, not too dissimilar to a yoga class.

Laughter is the best medicine, but if you are laughing without any reason you will need medication

Albert Bourla, CEO Pfizer

I mean, the obvious benefits are in the feel-good factor you get from laughing so it’s really no surprise that it’s good for you in case you’re not convinced; This therapy is offered by multi-national companies and well-known brands which they run as team building events, and it goes to show that happy staff increases productivity which is a win-win all round.

Check out this link to see many places that offer this as part of a retreat, it certainly piqued my curiosity!

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