5 Tips for a GREAT Hair Consultation 2021!

Everybody has had it: a bad hair day! We all feel it could be better but not all of us know what to do or even what to ask their hairdresser. Here are five very practical tips that will not only help you explain what you really want but also get closer to the result you’re looking for

So you don’t know what you want?

Your hairdresser doesn’t know either what suits you, or they know exactly what suits you according to ‘Hair Law’ but you don’t like it! Asking for advice is great but saying “you’re the hairdresser, you decide” may leave you unhappy with the result! It’s best to provide your stylist with more details – but how do you actually do this when you are unsure?? Simple… Think about what you don’t want! Most people find it easier to relay what they don’t want or like vs what they do. Is a full fringe impossible for you? Do you not want your sides cut too much? Tell your hairdresser about the non-negotiables before asking their advice! For guidance choosing a colour you may find it beneficial to know what suits you based on complimentary colours to skin tone and eye colour, use this link to find out which one you are!

Should I take a picture with me?

Yes. A picture shows your stylist things that you might not be able to express in hairdresser jargon. What if they tell me it’s unrealistic? Great, then your hairdresser should be able to explain precisely why it’s not possible, they may even suggest a better suited alternative or discuss the necessary steps to achieve what you want – at least you’re both on the same page. Trust me, I have memories of having short, spiky hair – think Victoria Beckham early 00’s… (well she was my muse, the result was a totally different story. Sometimes managing our expectations isn’t fun – but occasionally necessary.)

Book out enough time

It’s worth always checking if stylists require extra time for a consultation. Particularly if you’re having a restyle. There would be nothing worse than feeling bold enough to make the change in the first place then ending up short on time because you’ve only been booked in for a dry trim! Hairdressers really appreciate being told if you have super thick hair that takes longer, then we know how much time to allocate you and no one is rushed.

Terminology giving you a headache?

Balayage, ombre, root melt, air touch? It’s perfectly easy to see why we could get confused and overwhelmed by the names assigned to the services these days. As hair colouring is ever evolving a whole host of fancy names are picked up, and the truth is sometimes the professionals aren’t in agreement about how to label each service! If unsure – don’t be afraid to ask! Your hairdresser will likely enjoy telling you about the new industry trends!

The history of your hair.

So, your hairdresser will likely ask you this during a colour consultation, but what is it that we want to know and why? Well, ideally the colour history of your hair from the last few years – what products you’ve used, any sensitivities, if it takes a long time to process, and other factors such as your leisure activities e.g. if you swim a lot or have regular sun exposure etc. Why? We need to determine how any of these factors could influence what we do and how we do it. For example; if you’d like to go blonde but have been regularly putting a dark tint on from a box a home we need to come up with the right approach and this key information REALLY helps.

Photo by engin akyurt

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