Disappointed by Friends

Dear Carmen,

I find myself in the sad predicament where I don’t feel valued by my friends, I go to dinner parties where I am treated as an afterthought. They serve me cheap wine and freezer style dinners and quite honestly, I find it an absolute insult. I mean it wouldn’t be so bad if the hosts at least set their table appropriately and pulled my chair when I sit, but they don’t! It seems as though the women dress like they have raided lost property and generally have not an ounce of decorum when receiving guests!

Disappointed by Friends in Bedar

Dear Disappointed by Friends,

Well, I hate to say it but I feel here we have a slight case of over inflated ego – and I’m certainly not talking about your poor friends! If you personally serve your friends what you consider to be good food and expensive wine, then good for you but we should not do these things with the expectation of it being returned in the same proportion, and actually why should it? We are all different and I imagine your friends are content with the way the live their life as that’s what they have chosen to do. If you feel you’re mismatched on a ‘class level’ then maybe you’re all better off without each other. If they’re good people, you enjoy their conversation and them as human beings then I would suggest you seriously could overlook their choices in culinary matters. They probably don’t see it, nor intend that you feel an afterthought. Perhaps offer to make something and bring it, that way you know you’ll have something you enjoy and they may too!

Good luck.

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Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

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