Devastated in Valle de Este

Dear Carmen,

I’m devastated because I think my boyfriend loves Liverpool more than our soon to be baby. We were supposed to be on holiday but we couldn’t because of the important match against Ajax of November last year. When I told him I was pregnant he didn’t blink and told me to get him a beer but when Curtis scored the winning goal against Ajax a few days later he cried for 20 minutes after the final whistle went. I’m worried we will always be second best to Liverpool and he wants to call the baby Curtina if it’s a girl. I’m 21 and this is my first baby and our marriage has been postponed now England didn’t win the bloody competition because he thinks it will jinx future matches, what do I do?

Devastated in Valle de Este

Dear Devastated,

I feel I speak for everyone if I say the match between Liverpool and Ajax was very emotional. For Curtis’s winning goal, I’ll admit, I genuinely believe the whole nation including fans of other teams wept in joy. It was from a combination of factors: How Liverpool was down and exhausted at halftime needing a goal and none conceded to advance. Curtis scoring pretty early into the second half and then all the fans having to clench their cheeks praying for defence for the rest of the match. It was nerve-racking to say the least. Ajax hitting the post, barely missing the net more than a few times. It may not all have processed in that single moment Curtis got the ball in, but the tension was the reason all were shaking and in tears.

That aside, honey, deep down you know what needs to be done. I would suggest Curtis’s middle name Julian and ask your husband to be to call the baby Julia if it’s a girl. You’ve got to start thinking outside of the goal here. Get creative. No wedding because it will jinx the future winnings of Liverpool? Go to Liverpool on a game day, go for a quick wedding at the townhall, and invite all your friends to the game. Make it interesting: tell them for every goal they predict correctly they’ll get more influence on naming the baby. Ask Curtis to sign your baby tummy and get someone to take a picture so you can hang a large print of it in the nursery. Make it fun and you’ll both get what you want. Good luck!

xoxo Carmen

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