Confused in Essex

Dear Carmen,

Me and my new partner have mismatched lifestyles but my main problem is with his eating out. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while is nice but it seems too much to me. I love him but I find it hard when I would generally prefer to stay home and cook.

Confused in Essex

Dear Confused,

Well I suppose that depends on how much he likes your cooking! What do you think he would like to eat at home? Could you maybe entice him into eating in more often and lure him in with his favourite foods and find some level of compromise? Try involving him more if it’s possible get him to come into the kitchen with you and enjoy doing it together. Meal planning together is also a good idea so that he can look forward to what you’re both eating and know from the beginning of the day what the plan is. This way you’ll surely enjoy eating out more when you get the chance. Possibly have a look into ‘Fake-Aways’ too which are healthier cook at home alternatives to take-aways. Jamie Oliver in particular loves to create easily made yet tasty ‘Fake-Aways’. At the end of the day if he has someone willing to cook for him and save him money, can he really complain too much? Maybe he just needs an adjustment period, maybe he doesn’t like your cooking, maybe you should enjoy going out more and start wearing a nice dress! Either way, good luck.

xoxo Carmen

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